The day we met tap legend, Savion Glover

Inspirational. Incredible. Impeccable tap dancer.

On Sunday, 6th April 2014, Artistry Youth Dance attended a tap master class with the renowned tapper, Savion Glover. He taught us that it is not just counting ‘eight and one, two and three’, but starting from the beginning, in order to have structure and a clear mind. When watching Savion Glover tap, you saw the power, determination and precision of his technique, which communicate the message through the sound. It didn’t matter what steps you tapped, but the mattered was, the sound that came out. What he had originally displayed whilst tapping, was the particular nuance within the sound. As he demonstrated this, we watched, listened and counted in order to gauge our own attention on the different steps, but correct sound. The master class presented the opportunity to understand tap and what tapping really is about and how it has descended upon modern day. 

By Imani (Company Dancer)