Fantastic Dance workshops

This term the dancers had a fantastic workshop with the talented Carl Campbell of CCDC7 who led a high energy Contemporary Caribbean dance masterclass. Mr Campbell has been Artistic Director of Carl Campbell Dance Company 7 since 1978 and is one of the UK’s most experienced dance specialists pioneering community based Contemporary Caribbean dance practice. For more information about Carl Campbell visit

The dancers also had a brilliant Contemporary Jazz workshop with Sara Dos Santos, Artistic Director of EIC Dance Theatre. EIC Dance Theatre is an ambitious story-telling contemporary jazz company that explores world issues that not only entertain but also provoke audiences to stand up for positive change. For more information about Sara and EIC Dance Theatre visit

We are grateful to both artists for sharing their knowledge with the dancers and look forward to working with both Carl and Sara again in the future.

Artistry Youth Dance turns one!

The Artistry Youth Dance One Year anniversary celebration!

By Taryn (company dancer)

Friday 25th April was a big day for the girls as it was a chance to show our friends and family what we had been working on over the previous months. There was a positive energy throughout the rehearsals just before the showcase but everyone was nervous. The first performance was ‘Smooth’ – the dance that was originally prepared for U.Dance. After performing the piece and hearing the good response from the audience, we all felt good about ourselves and couldn’t wait to show them what else we had! Next, we performed a mixture of exercises that Kamara had prepared for us and combined them into one piece. Once again, the response was amazing and fuelled our enthusiasm for the last and final piece – ‘Spirit’. This was everyone’s favourite piece as it was jazz and gave us a chance to incorporate our happiness and energy into one dance. We smashed the performance and the audience loved it! After, there were speeches and we had the amazing chance to meet dance legends Mr Namron & Carl Campbell and the Worship the Mayor of Islington, Councillor Barry Edwards! We took lots of pictures with them and we were all brimming with excitement to be in the same room as such important and inspirational people. The girls were all happy and glad with how the night turned out and we were all looking forward to the following Sunday to, once again, show not only our family and friends – but everyone else – just how fantastic Artistry Youth Dance is! AYD INVASION!