Group trip to see 'Memphis' the musical on the West End

This term the dancers were invited to see the spectacular musical, 'Memphis' that recently opened in London. We had a wonderful evening and even had the chance to meet some of the cast after the show.

Check out the review of the show written by company dancer, Imani:

At the London’s Shaftsbury Theatre, the amazing Broadway -Tony award winning musical, Memphis was a captivating and brilliant show. Set in the South of America, 1950s, it showed a pivotal moment in history- segregation. However, the love, music and passion of the two main characters Huey, played by Killian Donnelly, an aspiring rebel radio DJ who spots a young black singing Felicia, played by Rachel John. Memphis the musical showed that it was a push to allow White Americans’ to listen to ‘race music’ and let African Americans on television and radio. However, Huey, a young white man, illustrates the break down of white prejudice to a certain extent and made a huge drive for his love for ‘race music’. 

The fast, energetic dancing, combined with the upbeat, funk and pop music created a lively atmosphere, making you want to get out of your seat and dance on stage. Overall, Memphis lived up to its ‘Tony award winning musical’ status as it captivated and entertained its audience, leaving them laughing and bittersweet.