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Reasons for wanting to join Artistry Youth Dance

“As my mother was born in Jamaica and my father in Ghana and as I'm adopted my a family of Barbadian decent, I believe that being in a company with those of African or Caribbean decent will be somewhat empowering and an amazing learning experience, as well as furthering my training.” –F, 16
“I think AYD is amazing specifically looking at youths of an African/Carribean [sic] heritage. This age is the most trouble in our society and i feel this will help young black children to find what they really want to do in life.” –F, 16
“I am mixed raced of white and black Caribbean decent. I have always harnessed a strong passion for performance, especially dance and I feel being a part of this company will develop my ability practically as well as improving my confidence. the concept of the company is so inspiring and would love to be a part of the opportunities that this company will provide.” –F, 18
“I'm not sure; I'd like to come and see what you are doing. There aren't many black dancers in classical dance and there should be.  I'm very much in a minority where I live and it would be nice to dance with other people like me.” –F, 18 (now studying at Performers College)
“…not many black people in my area want to go to a dance school and learn ballet and and modern/jazz. when i came across AYD i was so happy about it and i saw the images ,videos and dance styles. it was something i was looking for along time . it reminded me of ballet black, Alvin Ailey etc. there are inspirations and when i learned it was in islington although it is far away from my home ,it wouldn't stop from coming. i am looking forward to audition and i am sure i would fit in. thanks for making this possible for me.” –F,14
“I really want to join because I think it would be an amazing opportunity and will really help me in terms of future career options.” – F,16
“I've always been interested in dancing and the art of it but I've never been able to dance in a more proffessional environment not given the chance. I believe Artustry Youth Dance would great oppurtinity [sic] for me.” –M,16


Feedback from the previous participants regarding the benefits from the programme

“It's improved my musicality & encouraged me to take more risks” –F, 19
“It has improved my technique and I now believe in myself more” –F, 18
“My arch on my foot when I point my toes is better, I am more flexible and feel healthier” –F, 17
“It has made a difference to me as a dancer by opening me up to different styles. It has strengthened my skills as a dancer and has made me want to continue training as a dancer.” –F, 19
“Yes, AYD has improved my confidence the most. I feel that AYD has helped me grow as a dancer, with my technique and professional behaviour.” –F, 17


Feedback from previous project participants regarding the classes and workshops

“I really enjoyed them and have added them to my dance CV” – F, 19
“Amazing to learn different genres of dance and be taught by different teachers with different attitudes” –F, 17
“It has been incredible working with talented teachers, who all have brought a different perspective and style
to my development as a dancer” –F, 19
“The workshops provided such an amazing experience for me as a dancer. They enabled me to work with amazing black dancers in the dance industry. the workshops gave me an insight to what will be expected of me from the dane world" -F, 17

Feedback from the audience from the previous project end of year showcase

With the Jamaican High Commissioner, Her Excellency Mrs.   Aloun     Ndombet-Assamba

With the Jamaican High Commissioner, Her Excellency Mrs. Aloun Ndombet-Assamba

“Big thank you to Artistry Staff for working so hard with the young ladies. Excellent show and all dances were Beautiful!”

“In a society that always talk negatively about young people, specially those of African Caribbean heritage, it was great to spend an evening with a group of positive energy and and peaceful endeavour. Please continue to keep creativity alive amongst our people. I was so proud to be there.”

“It was a pleasure to share in this moment of celebration with the performers.”

“beautiful performances and very well organised event”